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Highest quality, fair price levels and central location in Gentofte/Hellerup – Expat Focus

We welcome you at Kildegårds Plads in the Gentofte/Hellerup-area. Here, you find a modern dental clinic, equipped with the latest technology, ready to perform all types of inspections and treatments to keep your dental hygiene up to speed, even when you are temporarily or permanently away from your home country.


We speak English and count many foreigners living in Denmark among our clients. Instead of standardized treatments we see every patient as an individual with particular needs and requests. You will experience a small boutique clinic where we strive to keep a calm, un-stressed and personal ambience. Even if you are in Denmark only for a few years, you will feel at home with us.

Whether you are here in a diplomatic capacity or working for a company located in Denmark for a limited time, you need a professional, competent dentist to maintain your dental hygiene and to keep your beautiful smile as it should be.

At Kildegårds Plads, our dental clinic is ideally located and easily accessible by car or by bus. There is ample free parking space right around the corner and our location at the “Kildegårdsvej” exit from Lyngbyvej is always within reach.


Several languages, all treatments

Rest assured, that our competent and friendly staff can communicate with you in English and in several other languages, too.

Professionally, our staff are educated and trained according to the highest Danish standards, our management has taught at the School of Dentistry in Copenhagen (The University of Copenhagen’s Department of Odontology) and through continuous training, courses and education, our knowledge is always kept updated to the latest levels

We cover all types of inspections and dental treatments, including:

  • Dental Inspection / Teeth cleaning
  • Bridges, dental crowns, and implants
  • Cosmetic treatments, whitening
  • Plastic fillings and more


Book an appointment for a first dental check and a consultation right away. We’re prepared to talk about your needs and wishes regarding dental treatments or cosmetic treatment


Attractive price levels

In Denmark, certain basic treatments have centrally set price levels, set by the 5 Danish Regions and the Danish Dental Association. However, we can offer attractive prices in most non-regulated areas, including e.g. plastic fillings and dental crowns, since our clinic is small without large administration and it has a well-located but not expensive address.

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